Pueblo Peak of the Sangre De Cristos above Taos, NM

Pueblo Peak of the Sangre De Cristos above Taos, NM


Where it all began….

I grew up in the small town of Taos, NM and was born in Taos Canyon. The Sangre de Christos and northern New Mexico have been huge in shaping who I am and how I see the world. I have always been creative growing up, my mother has always fostered creativity, being an artist herself. I got into drawing early on and all throughout grade school it was a constant, to the dismay of many of my teachers, save for a few. I always knew that being creative was just as essential for me as any other basic need. I have also come to realize that we in America, and every other developed country, are starved for public art and muralism, to bring some life to the constant grind. It is just as essential for our perception and maintaining a healthy mind state as any other facet of our society.

When I graduated high school I was of course told that college was the thing to do and I did try it out for several years in Las Cruces, NM at NMSU. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the feeling on campus of everyone working to better themselves. I cycled through programs learning what I was into and not into. I was not into my initial choice of electrical engineering, haha. From there I went the other way and enrolled in the college of fine arts, where I took a painting class and fell in love with the process / feel of painting. Although I didn’t last long in fine arts because I felt that traditional gallery art was not very accessible to the world as a whole. I wanted to make art accessible to the people who need it most, not just those who are wealthy enough to afford it. I also felt that with that in mind I wanted to be able to make a living also, having always being told that art was not a viable way of making a good living and I needed to think about a real career… all those classic stigmas that are very engrained in our society were battling my dreams. I then enrolled into a graphic design program, thinking its a way to stay creative and make a good living, which it definitely can be, but staring at a computer for hours on end was pretty miserable for me, Im a very active person. At this point I was also hitting a crux in my life where I was really realizing that I could never truly buy into the life that is presented by society; the only way to make it is to get a degree, then hopefully a career working for a company and work the same job the rest of my life to afford mortgage on a house, a car I don’t own and the plethora of bills to keep up with. Thats just not how I wanted to live. One day I just stopped going to class, and dropped out, with new skills under my belt in art and graphic design but no paper to go with it.

This is the real beginning of my story, just as many others who have gone to college know, that the real learning begins when you enter the world and have to manage your own time, work whatever job, day in and day out and find your own direction. Its a lot easier following the modalities that have been set for us then to create our own path, carving out our own niche takes a lot of courage, creativity and determination. It never stops either, making a living as an artist definitely keeps you on your toes. Throughout my 20s I have been gaining multitudes of experience from every supplemental odd job along the way, all while building my skills, my library of work, marketing skills and what it takes to make it in the world as a creative individual. I have become proficient in many mediums such as aerosol, oils, acrylics, screen printing, print making and more. I began painting on a larger scale in 2011 when I was introduced to spray paint.. Painting murals is the most logical next focus for me. I will continue working to bring beauty and color to the everyday grind of people making a living in this world and I hope that my work inspires us all to dig deep and find that beauty within us, no matter what our outside world is looking like. We are truly in control of what we experience in this world. We can’t allow the external pressures and expectations of society to make us give up our aspirations and compromise. We are dreamers, and when we have the belief and determination in our vision and act on it there is nothing that can stop us from accomplishing our goals and creating our own way.


Self Portrait