Pueblo Peak of the Sangre De Cristos above Taos, NM

Pueblo Peak of the Sangre De Cristos above Taos, NM



Jisk grew up in Taos Canyon just east of Taos, New Mexico. Living in the mountains growing up gave him a strong sense of wonder. Jisk’s work

reflects the magic of Northern New Mexico as well as places he has traveled that have inspired him, such as the temples and pyramids of the

Yucatån, Guatemala and Chiapas. His work brings the awe and wonder back into our everyday lives and encourages us to see the Magic

that is always present. It is easy in our fast paced lives to lose this magic due to routine and common perception.. His work is dynamic and

colorful and has a sense of precision. Clean lines and smooth fades are part of what makes his work so memorable. He is an entrepreneurial

artist, carving his niche, and learning his profession along the way . Creating a life is a beautiful process that was never meant to be easy. He

encourages us all to find our own passions and commit to what we love and follow our true calling in life, whatever that may be…